These plants are loved for their long-lasting pastel flowers and their beautiful dark green heart-shaped foliage. Buy your hardy cyclamen as young growing plants with small corms. Several species, particularly Cyclamen hederifolium, are hardy and can be grown outdoors in mild climates such as northwest Europe and the Pacific Northwest of North America. One of the most popular houseplants that is easy to maintain, the cyclamen grows better in a cool but humid environment and has a dormancy period that lasts through the summer. Cyclamen is one of the cutest flowers to bloom in fall and winter.. Going into a dormant state looks very much like the plant is dying, as the leaves will turn yellow and fall off. google_ad_height = 200; When watering, pour the water into the saucer and allow the mix to soak this up … Flowering – November to March Height – 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 cm) Exposure – part sun. Cyclamen basically are Mediterranean type plants and they become dormant during the warm months of summer. Introduction to Hardy Cyclamen. I spotted it growing in pots last May at a local garden center. Lacking any experience with it, I opted to risk just one. While they thrive in garden beds, many gardeners choose to grow them in pots. A north window is ideal for your cyclamen plant. Read also: Keeping your cyclamen all winter long SEE MORE PLANT FACT SHEETS>>,